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Swefog Ultimate 200 DMX

• No heating time.
• No heat, no water, no glycol.
• Keeping the fog 3:00, continuous flow.
• DMX on one circuit, Quick decimal address (not binary!)
• Steam output Splitters Swefog V-Tec 3-way.
• EasyClean system self-cleaning.
• Hydro-glass filter recycling liquid fog: no product lost!
• Quiet Nexus standard compressor Equipped with the industry. MTBF 8000 hours.
• Liquid level clearly legible.
2 • Possible liquids: standard "light" C and "extra light" CX (TV studio / theater)
• Power consumption: 405 W / Alim. 240v 50Hz 1.9 A
• Dimensions: 372 x 203 x 375mm
• Weight: 20kg
Standaard incl. 5,0 liter vloeistof
Locatie Haren
Verhuurder ADD Light
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