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Green Hippo Rackoon

Dimensions: Unit 480 x 307 x 45mm
Boxed For Shipping: 550 x 420 x 160mm
Weight: Unit 5.88kg
Unit-Boxed with accessories 6.2kg
Environmental Tolerances:
Operating Temp. Range: 5 - 35 C
Humidity: 5% - 95% (non condensing)
Altitude: (0 - 2700m)

Voltage: 108 - 240v 50-60Hz Auto Switching
Power Consumption: 2.0 amps
Media Drives: 1
Total Media Storage Space: Over 25h HD / 75h SD content
Pro-Connectors / Breakout Panels: Optional

Outputs: Single output using DVI / Display Port / HDMI / VGA* Control outputs using RS232, Ethernet control, DMX over Ethernet and HippoNet, Control 60 Artnet or Kinet universe
Max Output Resolution:
2 outputs @ 1920 x 1080 (using output splitters)
3 outputs @ 1280 x 1024
4 outputs @ 1024 x 768
4 outputs @ 1280 x 720.
Video Inputs: Single Composite, ScreenThief Ethernet Capture

Audio, Control & Patching:
Audio: Audio playback on separate layers, Volume and balance
control, Multi-channel audio playback and Master
volume control *
Control: RS232, Midi*, DMX over Ethernet and TCP/IP, OSC, DMX512* and MaNet
Patching: Comes complete with DMX & Midi personalities or
create custom patch in the software, RS232,
Midi ‘Learn’ patch, Diagnostics

Supported Media Formats: Quicktime, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, DIVX,
Windows Media, MPEG4, DV, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, TGA, Image sequences

Maximum Media Size and Playback Resolution: (MPEG2) Max. Media Size: 1920 x 1080 Max. Playback Resolution: Not limited

Media content: 
Maximum Media Size with FlexRes: 2.5 MP
Maximum Number of Media Layers: 6 (4 x in XFade)

Media Management: Automatic Media upload from network shared folders using WatchFolders, Remote media upload, Automatic media conversion, Drag & drop media upload and mapping, Live media update, Media thumbnails, 256 media groups, 256 clips per group, Network synch, Show backup.

FlexRes: Green Hippo’s own codec allowing greater than HD content, Full resolution support for alpha transparency, Greater colour subsampling up to 4:4:4
Media Playback: Inter-frame blending for super slow motion, Inpoint and outpoint adjustments, Playmodes (loop forward, loop backwards, once forwards, once backwards, ping pong, random, pause, rewind on Level 0), Sync to Hippotizer, Sync to Timeline, Alpha channel support, Media generators (rain, snow, clouds, starfields, countdown etc), Text Engine and Audio mix playback mode.

Media Manipulation: Geometry control, Colour control (basic & advanced), 16 mix modes, 2 FX per layer, Transitions, Effects / Transitions editor.

Show Programming: Unlimited Groups, Tracks and Timelines, Timeline copy and paste, Fadecurve editing, Timeline Logic, Cue Controller, Control non Hippotizer devices from Timeline, SMPTE and MTC synchronisation, Fast drag & drop playlist per layer.

Show Pre-visualisation: HMap2 and CITP for streaming real-time output via local network. Compatible visualisers: Light Converse, WYSIWYG, ESP Vision, Capture.

UberPan: Link in as slave, 12 slave (outputs) when used as Master, Virtual Media Manager, Media synchronisation, Media splitting, Canvas splitting, Support for 2 canvases and configurations.

RegionMapper: Fast and intuitive quick add mode, Flexible source and destination mapping, Multiple regions, Warping support, Multiple output support, Multiple map support.

PixelMapper: No software limitations on number of output universes, Fixture designer, Personalities for fixtures included, Drag and drop mapping interface, Flexible source mapping, Full Kinet Tier 2 and Artnet auto discovery.

Preset Manager: Instantly recall saved layer or system states from ZooKeeper or DMX/Midi desk to control your entire show with a touch of a button.

XFade: Transition between content on same layer, Transition time, Fade only source, Automatically fade between clips and layer settings seamlessly.

Timecode on layer: Assign Timecode to individual layers, SMPTE and MIDI, Shift Timecode for relays, Offset Timecode for individual timelines.

VideoMapper - Map LED tiles in any orientation with intuitive drag &
 drop interface
Scheduler - Trigger Timelines or events from a clock
Automation tracking - Follow scenic stage elements
LiveMask - Draw masks directly into any layer
HMap & CITP - Lighting console and visualiser integration
Pinbridge Plus - Remap and group control pins -now with scripting
TelNet Control - TCP/IP interface to HippoNet
OSC - Open Sound Control interface
Colour Correction - Full Gamma curve control of the outputs
BeatBridge - Use Audio to trigger any control pin within Hippotizer
Text Engine - Import and display full text files
Syncro Component - Synchronise media players
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