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Klark Teknik DN200

  • Dual-Channel Active Direct Injection Box
  • Rugged Neutrik Combo XLR connectors featuring high-impedance DI jack inputs
  • RCA Phono inputs
  • Independent phantom power for each channel for maximum reliability
  • Sum switch optionally routes both inputs to both outputs
  • Split switch optionally routes left input to both outputs
  • Global 20 dB Input Pad and Earth Lift switches
  • 24 V to 48 V phantom-power
  • Stackable protective silicone rubber sleeve
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Designed and engineered by KLARK TEKNIK in England
  • DC Voltage : 48 Volts
  • phantom-power operation : 24 to 48 V
Locatie Bolsward
Verhuurder MHB Event Facilities BV
Aantal beschikbaar 8 stuk(s)
Prijs p/d € 7,50
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