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Kara Set + Rigging


12x Kara, 8x SB28, 4x LA8, 2x Mbump, 2x Mbar, 2x 1 tons handtakel, 2x steel 1,5m


De huurprijs voor deze set is € 1.250,00 per dag (excl. BTW).


DB Professional
Bellekeweg 20
6101 JZ Echt

Compact and lightweight design, compliant with rigging and sightline constraints Extended LF resources for contour requirements from flat to …
The LA8 amplified controller belongs to the generation of high-end integrated controllers entirely dedicated to the comprehensive operation of …
SB28 is subwoofer companion for the K1 KUDO V-DOSC and ARCS systems lowering the combined system operating range down to 25Hz. It contains two …