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TTL Flatpack R3 128Ch X 0.3kW 063A In


De dimmer van 128 kanalen is geschikt voor diverse spots tot 300W per kanaal. - 16 dimmers in one package - Meant for almost all kinds of load, included 230[V] multi-led lamps and Acriche LED's - Output can be set parallel - Outputs internal protected against overload and short-circuit - 9 different control curves selectable per dimmer: smooth 11-bits fade - 3-digit led display for setting and displaying the DMX address and control curves - DMX-in/through on 5-pole Neutrik PCB mounted connectors (no internal wiring) - DMX512 input galvanic isolated, fail save for open input and protected against over voltage. - Led indication for DMX512 present - Over temperature sensing per dimmer channel, with warning led and read out on led display - Temperature control by means of a electronically controlled blower - Blower failure check


De huurprijs voor deze set is € 425,00 per dag (excl. BTW).


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