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Antari Z3000 MKII

Power: AC230V/AC240V,
50 Hz - 60 Hz
Output: 40.000 cu. ft/min
(1132 m³/min)
Tank Capacity: 6 L
Fluid type: Fog Fluid
Fluid Consumpt. Rate: 5 Min./L
(100% Output)
DMX: Yes
Heater: 3000W
Weight: 19,9 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 735 x 310 x 192 mm

Accessories/ordering info:
Remote: Z-20 Timer Control
Module (included)
Cable Length: 1,8M
Connector: 3 Pin XLR
timer with interval, duration and volume set DMX address continuous fogging manual on/off.(all above functions are displayed on a LCD screen and can be set precisely in seconds or percentage)
Optional: Z-30 Wireless Control Module:
Ordercode: 60679
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