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8-kanaals Sennheiser set EM 3532 / SK50


8-kanaals Sennheiser set EM 3532 / SK50 4x Sennheiser EM3532 dubbele ontvanger 1x Sennheiser NET-1 computer interface 1x Antenne distributie incl antenne link. 8x Sennheiser SK50 beltpack+ BA250 Accupack 5x Sennheiser L50 Acculader 2x Sennheiser A5000-CP antenne Beschikbare kanalen: 29t/m31, 35t/m37, 40t/m43, 45t/m48


De huurprijs voor deze set is € 300,00 per dag (excl. BTW).


P&P Performance
Oostzijde 96CA
1502BK Zaandam

The EM 3532-U consists of two complete true diversity receivers with tunable receiving frequencies in the UHF band. Due to its high level of …
The A 5000-CP passive antenna provides an optimum solution for both transmitting and receiving RF signals throughout the UHF spectrum. Installations …